UNILAG Postgraduate: Frequently Asked Questions

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  • June 10, 2020

Here are frequently asked questions about UNILAG Postgraduate

Does UNILAG Accept HND For PGD?

UNILAG does not accept HND for postgraduate diploma(PGD) Programme for almost all of its academic masters Programme. The only course I know that accepts HND for its postgraduate diploma Programme is Biomedical Engineering.

However, there are professional masters Programme you can do straight with your HND without needing to do a postgraduate diploma to be qualified. 

Some of these professional masters include MBA, Master of Maritime Administration and Communication Studies, etc.

If you’ve got upper credit and above with your HND then your chances of getting the admission will be the same as those applying with a Bsc certificate. Work experiences are an added advantage.

Can A Second Class Lower Do Masters in UNILAG?

Yes! A second class lower degree holder can do masters in UNILAG. However, there are some course that specifies a minimum of 3.0 CGPA as a requirement

Can I Do Masters With A 3rd Class Degree?

Yes! You can do Masters with a 3rd class degree. In most of the professional masters, no particular class of degree is specified as a requirement. Consequently, candidates with a 3rd class degree are eligible to apply.

How Many Years Is a Master Degree?

The duration of master degree in UNILAG is approximately 9 months for full time, while the duration of part time is approximately 1 year and 6 months.

Do I Need Transcript To Apply For UNILAG Postgraduate Admission?

If you are applying with certificate, then you don’t need transcript. However, if you are using statement of result to apply then you will have to ensure it gets to UNILAG before admission list comes out around December

Can I Apply For Postgraduate Admission With Statement of Result?

Yes you can apply with statement of result. However you will have send your transcript to UNILAG before the admission list comes out around December

Can A Serving Corp Member Apply For UNILAG Postgraduate?

A serving NYSC member can apply provided he/she will round off service with discharged certificate by December/January when the admission list shall be released.

When Is UNILAG Postgraduate Form Clsoing

The sales of the Postgraduate Form closes on 14th August, 2020

How Much is Executive MBA in UNILAG

The cost of Executive MBA in UNILAG is N1.8 Million excluding acceptance fees

Can One Pay UNILAG Postgraduate School Fees by Installments?

Yes! But that is only applicable to Part Time Programmes.

When Is UNILAG Postgraduate Entrance Exam?

UNILAG Postgraduate Entrance Exam comes in August, 2020

When Will UNILAG Postgraduate Result Be Out?

UNILAG Postgraduate result comes out around December/January

When is 2020/2021 Session Beginning?

The 2020/2021 academic session commences in January, 2021

Comment List

  • with Guidance and Counselling in first degree, can I apply for master in conflict management or psychology?

    1. Hi Taiwo Timothy,

      Here are the requirements for the above courses:

      Conflict Management

      The programme is open to candidates with Possess a Bachelor’s Degree in any discipline obtained from University of Lagos or any other accredited University.


      The programme is open to candidates with:

      (a) Bachelor’s degree in Psychology with minimum of Second Class Lower from the University of Lagos or any other recognised University.

      (b) Candidates with Third Class degree in Psychology or any other discipline with Postgraduate Diploma in Psychology from the University of Lagos or any other recognised University.

      Consequently, you are eligible to apply for only Conflict Management

  • i’m a register member of IMECH E ( institute of mechanical Engineering) and i want to do my master in either project management or facility management. but have only 6month working experience will i still be accepted

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